Our team of Pharmacists and Nurses specialize in:

  1. Pain Management
  2. Infectious disease  including but not limited to HIV/HEP C
  3. Workers compensation & NO FAULT insurance
  4. Dermatology 
  5. Diabetes
  6. Internal care
  7. Pediatrics
  8. Veterinary (Animal Medicine)

Post Avenue Pharmacy takes the following steps to ensure patient satisfaction:

  1. Once we receive a prescription/s, one of our pharmacists will contact the patient and try our best to get insurance and demographic information if the doctors office has not done so. We will process the medication through insurance and do our best to reduce the out of pocket expense with readily available coupons or drug discount cards.
  2. If a prior authorization is required from the insurance company, Post Avenue Pharmacy will work diligently with the prescriber and the insurance company to have the prescription filled.
  3. Once your prescription is processed, our driver will reach out and hand deliver your prescription to work, home, or any designation of your choice, we also give the option of FED-EX or UPS overnight mailing. 
  4. You have the option to pay for your co-pay over the phone or with one of our professional delivery personnel.
  • We offer a refill reminder program in which the patient gets a monthly update, through our HIPAA compliant service or through phone call regarding their monthly refill to ensure adherence and positive outcome of therapy.